bipp's powerful data analytics enables enterprises to generate business intelligence and insights when they are needed. bipp supports a wide range of databases to create custom data models and present data visualizations.

Get started with bipp by going through the Tutorial or taking a detailed tour of bipp's capabilities.


Dive in. Hands-on is the best approach to see how bipp can transform a database into usable information customized for your users. This set of tutorials starts from creating your free bipp account and finishes with a custom dashboard incorporating enhanced features.

Using bipp

Explore. Learn the details about bipp's structure, terminology, and functionality, and see how to connect your databases.

Using Access Control

Organize your Organization. Use bipp's capabilities to organize your teams, work spaces and project resources and apply the access control rules you need.

Using bippLang

Unleash the Power. Create custom complex data models with the power of bippLang, bipp's unique language that makes SQL sit up and do tricks.

Using bippDash

Wow your Users. Create and share interactive Dashboards with the visualizations your users need to make informed business decisions now.