bipp Desktop

The bipp desktop app provides a subset of the bipp functionality contained in a desktop app. It is basically an SQL editor with advanced organization, collaboration and version control features that can integrate seamlessly with your online bipp workspaces. You can access all queries that have been saved in your bipp projects, connect to different datasources, create new datasources and projects and execute queries.

bipp desktop is available for both MAC and Windows platforms. You can install the bipp desktop app after downloading it here. Follow any of one of the links below to get a detailed walkthrough about various aspects of the app.

  • Getting Started : Provides information on download, install and login.

  • Projects : Shows how to easily manage SQL query files in bipp projects.

  • SQL Editor : Explains the different features of the SQL editor integrated into bipp desktop.

  • Settings : Talks about the different settings available that can be used to customize your experience.