Getting Started

Download and Install

The following links are available for downloading the desktop client based on the platform you are using

Download for MAC

Download Now

Download for Windows

Download Now

Install for macOS

Once downloaded you will see the Bipp Desktop-N.n.n.dmg file in you Downloads folder as shown.


Double click this file to start the installation. Once installed you will be asked if you want to add the app to your applications folder. Drag the app over to the application folder to complete the installation. You can now access the app directly from the applications folder on your mac.

Add Application

For applications downloaded from the internet, you may need to change the security settings in order to open them for the first time. This can be achieved by allowing the app to open on the System Preferences\Security & Privacy screen of your machine.

Install for Windows

The downloaded set up file Bipp Desktop=N.n.n Setup.exe can be found in the designated downloads folder as shown.


Double click this file to start installation. Once installation is complete you can find the application added to your Programs and the login page will be shown to you.


Login to bipp Desktop

You can login to the desktop app using your bipp account or a Google account. When you start the desktop app for the first time, you will be redirected to your default browser. Commonly used browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Safari are supported.


Clicking on the Log In button will open the login screen in your default browser as shown.


On successful login, you will be prompted to return to the desktop app. If you have access to multiple bipp tenants (sub-domains), you will be requested to select a tenant.


Once you click on the Open bipp Desktop button, the home screen will be shown in the desktop apps.


The screen shows a list of all the projects that you can access in the current tenant. You can now start working on an existing project or create a new project to write, execute and save SQL queries. Read on to explore the different features in the app that make this easy and convenient.