Query Editor

A SQL file in a bipp desktop project opens in the bipp query editor. The key functions of the editor are to allow you to write and execute queries and view results efficiently. Let us now look at some of these basic functions as well as other features offered by the bipp query editor.

Editor Interface

The query editor is shown whenever a SQL file is edited. It is composed of 3 main sections.

  1. The left panel which shows all the databases, tables and columns in the selected datasource.
  2. The query panel is where you can write and edit queries.
  3. The results panel where the results of the query are displayed.

Additionally, the datasource may be selected from the list of datasources at the top-right of the editor. The Run query button should be used to execute the query.

SQL Editor


Following features are included to make query writing and maintenance easier.

One Click Queries

You can write a simple “Select * from [DB Name].[Table Name]” query in one click. Click on the arrow next to the table name in the left panel. The query will automatically be populated in the query panel. Substitute * with a specific column name in this query by clicking on the name of the column in the left panel.

SQL Code Complete

Code Completion

As you start writing your queries, you will get relevant suggestions to help you along. This includes SQL keywords as well as table and column names from the selected data source.

SQL Code Complete

Whenever a table name is selected, the database name is auto appended as a prefix in the query.

Sort Results

The results may be sorted by any of the selected columns in ascending or descending order. This can be achieved by clicking on the column to be used for sorting. The image under the column name indicates the order of sort.

Sort Results

Data Sources

You can easily change the datasource to connect to by using the datasource dropdown which shows the list of all datasources configured by you or shared with you in the current tenant. You can configure additional datasources in the Settings section of the app.


Query History

You can view the history of the query with run time and status of execution in the Query History window. This can be viewed by clicking on the small clock icon next to the Run Query button. The current query in the query panel may be replaced with an older version by clicking on the previous version in the query history window.

Query History

Machine Learning (Planned)

Clicking on the rocket icon near any of the columns in the results window, would allow you to run machine learning on the results data. Watch this space for more details as this feature is developed.