Create the Visualizations



You create Sheets to view your data model. Sheets can be saved to a Dashboard to be easily viewed with the click of a button. If you see an error message while adding columns and selecting visualizations, review the section Troubleshoot an Error.

The goal is to use the ATPTennis data model to visualize:

Create the first sheet:

  1. Open a new sheet:
  2. Start from the ATPTennisData Project. Select: Projects Projects > ATPTennisData
  3. Open the ATPTennisData Dataset.
  4. Click Explore to launch a blank Sheet. Information about the Sheet is available from drop down menu the drop down menu.

blank Sheet

Dimensions are non-numeric columns (default), usually displayed directly or as the X-axis of a graph or a chart. Numeric columns are categorized as Measures (default) and can be aggregated using functions like Sum, Count, and Average. You can switch columns between Dimensions and Measures.