Create the Visualizations



You create Reports to view your data model. Reports can be saved to a Dashboard to be easily viewed with the click of a button. If you see an error message while adding columns and selecting visualizations, review the section Troubleshoot an Error.

The goal is to use the ATPTennis data model to visualize:

Create the first Report by following the below steps:

  1. Select Projects Explore

blank Sheet

  1. Click on ATPTennisData to launch a blank Report.

blank Sheet

The Navigation pane lists the tables in your project. Expand a table to see the Dimensions and Measures.

Dimensions are non-numeric columns (default), usually displayed directly or as the X-axis of a graph or a chart. Numeric columns are categorized as Measures (default) and can be aggregated using functions like Sum, Count and Average. You can switch columns between Dimensions and Measures.

As you select items, the Visualization pane displays your selections.

The Definition pane is on the right. There are tabs for Data operations, Filters and Settings.