Player Round Wins (Parameter Example)



This visualization presents the data and parameter (available as a filter) from the Create a Parameter tutorial. A bar chart is used, with an added row for Grand Total of Wins.

  1. Click Add Report Add Report icon
  2. Add these columns: Atp Players table > PlayerName dimension Atp Matches table > WinsByRound measure
  3. Click Fetch.
    Fetch data
  4. The RoundType parameter is available on the Filter tab. Try fetching the data with different values. Select the RoundType value, then click Fetch. Here is the data with Quarter Final as the selection.
    Fetch data
  5. Open the Settings tab.
  6. Select the Bar tab.
  7. Check Grand Total. Make sure Auto Scale is unchecked. Click Fetch to refresh the graph if needed.
    Bar tab
  8. Try your RoundType parameter on the Filter tab to see the different charts. Select the RoundType value, then click Fetch.
  9. Click Save As and name the report WinsByRound.