Relation of Height and Age to Player Rank



This visualization uses Age from the Atp Players table, Ranking from the Atp Rankings Current table, and the Height from Player Stats. Data is averaged and formatted, and Ranking changed to a dimension to plot the visualization on the X-axis of the Line chart.

  1. Open a new report from the Dataset or click the Add Report icon Add Report icon at the bottom of your existing report:
    Add Report icon location
  2. Add these columns:
    Atp Rankings Current table > Ranking measure
    Player Stats table > Height measure
    Atp Players table > Age measure
    Added columns
  3. Prepare your data for your visualization:
    a. For Ranking, click options icon Change to Dimension
    b. For Height and Age, select Avg on the Data tab of the Definition panel.
    c. Enable Auto Format On the Settings tab of the Definition panel to remove the decimal places from the averaged data.
  4. Click Fetch.
    Fetch data table
  5. Open the Bar tab.
    Bar tab
    All the data is there, but clearly this is not the best way to understand it.
  6. Improve the visualization using the Settings tab in the Definition panel:
    a. Change Avg Height and Avg Age to be Line instead of Bar.
    b. Change Avg Age to be on the Right Axis instead of Left.
    c. Use the color drop down to change the color of Avg Age to be more of a contrast with Avg Height.
    Color drop down
    d. Enable the Y Axis Range. Setting ranges effectively zooms in the view.
    e. Set the Left Axis (Avg Height) to 160 cm to 210 cm.
    f. Set the Right Axis (Avg Age) to 20 to 40.
    Left Right Axis
    The resulting visualization presents the data in an easier to understand format:
    Resulting visualization
  7. Click Save As.
  8. Enter a descriptive name for the report. For example, Rank vs Height and Age.
  9. Click Save.