Add a Parameter



Using parameters enables your users to interact with the dashboard and visualize specific data. In this tutorial, you add the report created in the Player Round Wins with the RoundType parameter to your dashboard.

  1. Open Open Dashboards Dashboards and select TennisStats.
  2. Open Edit icon Edit.
  3. Click WinsByRound to add it to the dashboard.
    Add Report
  4. Click Title change in the upper right of the new tile.
  5. Name the tile Round Type and click Save.
  6. Click Save to save the dashboard.
  7. Enter the Commit message and click OK.
  8. Open Options Go to Dashboard.
  9. Append /model to the URL in your browser to open the bippDash editor. For example:!/dashboards/D~4J18dnUy1/model
  10. Locate the new tile in the editor:
  11. Change the content to filter widget and add the lines as shown to use the parameter. Be sure and use proper indentation.
  12. Change the basis of the PlayerName filter widget to 50.00 so the two filters appear side by side.
  13. Click Save.
  14. Click Commit.
  15. Enter the commit message and click Commit Changes.
  16. Open Open Dashboards Dashboards and select TennisStats.
    TennisStats Dashboard