Create the Dataset



The first step is to create a Dataset containing the tables needed for the model. For the Tennis example, you open the ATPTennisData Project and select the tables.

  1. Start from the ATPTennisData Project. Select: Projects Projects > ATPTennisData

  2. Click Add a table to Add a table from Datasource.

  3. Select TennisData for the Datasource Select Datasource

  4. Expand the Players schema, and select the tables as shown: Select table

  5. Click Create File(s)
    bipp Dataset sample

Notice the changes to your project file:

  • New Tables added to the Files menu and as tabs on the ribbon.
  • Alert is shown on the Uncommitted Files icon. Click Uncommitted Files to open the Uncommitted Files menu and view the pending changes. Click Files to return to the Files menu.
Uncommitted Files view