Create the Project



Now that you have a Datasource, it is time to create the Project. Your bipp project contains one or more Datasets, Tables, SQL Queries and other files. This example adds the Tennis Player Project.

  1. Select Projects Develop > Data Models

  2. Click New Project

  3. Enter a Name. Names must be alphanumeric with no spaces or special characters. For example, ATPTennisData.

New Project

  1. Click Create.

Project Overview

The project pane is displayed. Key items to notice on this pane:

  • Context menu icons are on the left. The Files context menu is selected in this example. New Datamodel and tables can be added by clicking on + Add
  • When no files are are open, Visual Datamodel Editor is visible. Datamodels and tables can be created from here as well.
  • Tabs display the open files. bipplang.sample.text is the only file available in the example.