Additional Information

List of keywords

Following is the list of all the keywords in bippLang.

aggregate allowed_value column data_source dataset
default_aggregate default_value drilldown filter format
color_format join hidden inherits join_as
on parameter pk project sql
sql_v string_format then type workspace
notebook bipp_if bipp_equals bipp_join reftable
alias bipp_total bipp_cumulative_total bipp_percent bipp_cumulative_percent

Virtualization and Acceleration

Data Virtualization a.k.a Acceleration feature enables the following two capabilities in bipp Platform:

  1. Accelerate (speed up) the data fetch or retrieval time by creating physically optimized representations of a bippLang data model. This is achieved by computing a columnar format of the source data along with various other transformations. The process of accelerating a data model is transparent to the end users, and hence no change is required in the SQL of client applications or data representations in the primary (source) data. Acceleration and Virtualization of a data model in bipp are synonymous, and both the terms are used interchangeably.

  2. Join columns from different flavors of database software, also known as Cross Database Joins. For example, with data virtualization, user can join one column of a Big Query based dataset with another from a MS SQL Server database at the SQL level which is otherwise not practically feasible.

Acceleration in bipp is done at project level. A project with a valid data model committed to the Master branch becomes eligible for virtualization. All these projects get automatically listed under Acceleration section in the application UI, from where user can enable acceleration on a project. The bipp platform allows to create refresh policies for acceleration, such that an accelerated dataset remains in sync with the primary source database. Users can create refresh policies as required by their business processes.

Refresh policies associated with an accelerated dataset can be edited as well as deleted when not required. However, it should be kept in mind that deleting a refresh policy also removes all accelerated data associated with it.

Data virtualization in bipp supports a subset of ANSI SQL for doing custom operation on accelerated data. Advanced users can write SQL statements to be executed in the accelerated dataset using the sql_v keyword.

Verifying Queries

The SQL queries and expressions that go into the bippLang model are evaluated only when visualizing data in Sheets. If you wish to ensure that the queries are correct beforehand, you could use the SQL Runner tool. This is also integrated in the “Datasources” menu in bipp and can be accessed using the Run a Query option for a the specific datasource.