Interface Features

In addition to its rich data modelling functionality, the bippLang interface comes with a feature set which would help developers to concentrate on modelling without worrying about other operational distractions like installation, version control and team collaboration. Let us discuss these features now.

Available on Cloud

The bippLang interface for creating models is a browser based application and may be accessed online over the internet. As such developers need not worry about installing and updating the software. bippLang is hosted on cloud and can connect to any of the supported database instances that can be accessed over the internet.

User Interface

bippLang comes with a user-friendly editor interface for development. The modelling window incorporates the following features.

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Code completion pop-up while typing.
  • File/table explorer bar
  • Expand and collapse functionality for sections of the data model.
  • Find-Replace in the code
  • Easy access to the viewer and application menu
  • Integrated features for saving and committing the code.
  • Integration with Git to syncrhonise your branch with the master.
  • Functionality to deploy the datamodel so that it becomes available for visualization.
  • Compilation errors shown to the user on deploy.
  • Multi-view code comparison

bippLang Interface

Source Control

The bippLang interface incorporates source control features through Git and acts like a Git client that can save/commit code to own branch and push/pull from the master. This feature makes it a good choice for enterprise teams working together on an analytics project. Developers can also switch between committed versions of the source by selecting the correct version from the History .

Data Viewer

bippLang allows users to test their model by visualizing data from a dataset. The tables that are created in the model are available in this interface and columns may be selected for viewing data as tables, charts or graphs.