Manage Dashboards

New Dashboard

You can create a new dashboard from the Main menu:

Create Dashboard

Click the File icon for the Dashboard list, or + icon to add a new dashboard. From the Dashboard list, click Create Dashboard.

New Dashboard

Save Dashboard

Click Save. Saved dashboards are listed in the main menu for easy access.


The following image shows a basic dashboard created by including one visualization that presents data in a tabular format.

View Dashboard

Let us now look at the other functionality available that enables optimal efficiency of dashboards.

Enhancing a Dashboard

Dashboards can be edited to include advanced filtering and drill down functionality. Following are the two ways in which dashboards may be edited.

Using the WYSIWYG editor

Dashboards may be edited using the visual editor. This supports add, edit, delete, resize, rearrange functionalities for tiles, reports, filters, embedded dashboards and channels. The changes made in the visual editor are updated to the bippDash model file for the dashboard. Click here for a detailed walkthrough on using the editor.


You can define schedules to receive copies of multiple dashboards to your email in PDF or JPEG formats. The Schedule Delivery functionality is available in the context menu on the dashboard screen. The dashboard being viewed is selected by default to be sent to the logged in user. Additionally other dashboards accessible to you may be included in the report. You can define the schedule in terms of frequency, time and timezone when you wish the report to be delivered. You can also include other email Ids to which you wish the report to be delivered. Following is a snapshot of the screen that allows you to create a schedule and select dashboards to be included in the report.


You can also opt to send the report immediately. In this case a one time email will be generated and no report will be scheduled. Emails with inline reports are generated corresponding to every report you have scheduled as per the defined schedule.

Search Dashboard

You can search for a specific dashboard by keying in its name in the Search box at the top of the screen.

Delete Dashboard

You can delete an existing dashboard using the “Delete” option on the dashboard options menu. The dashboard will be deleted upon confirmation. You can also delete multiple dashboards simultaneously by selecting them and clicking on the “Delete” button at the top of the dashboards list.

Save Dashboard

Saved dashboards are listed in the main menu for easy access.