Data Explorer

Data Explorer Intro

  • Data Models: explore your data with Charts. You can save any chart as a Report to access later or add to a Dashboard.
  • Datasources: explore your data with SQL. Use the Visual Query Builder, write a raw SQL query or create a static table. You can save any created query as a Pipeline to access later or add to a Dashboard.

Explore Quick Start:

Explore a Data Model

  1. Select Explore Data Models from the main menu.

    Explore a Data Model

  2. Select a Data Model from the list. The Untitled report pane is displayed.

    Untitled Report

  3. Refer to the Working with Charts and Reports topic for details on exploring your data.

Explore a Data Source

  1. Select Visual SQL from the main menu. The Untitled pipeline pane is displayed.

    Untitled Pipeline

  2. Select the datasource from the Datasources tab in the pane.

Explorations that are not saved disappear at the end of your explore session.