Connecting Google Analytics

bipp brings the power of your Google Analytics into your bipp project.

Create a Google Sheets Datasource in bipp

  1. Select Datasources from the Home Navigation pane to open the Datasources page.

    Datasource Page

  2. Click New Datasource on the Datasources page.

    New Datasource

  3. Enter a Name. For example, TestGoogleSheets.

  4. Select GoogleAnalytics for SQL Dialect for your database. bipp creates and enforces the rules for the selected dialect.

    Datasource Google Analytics

  5. Enter the information for your Google Analytics file:

    • View_id: the Google View ID is located on the Analytics Admin tab. In the View column, select View Settings.
    • Start_date: the starting date to import.
    • End_date: an optional ending date. If not specified, the current date is used.
    • Credentials: click Choose File and navigate to the credentials file for Google Analytics. The credentials file must be set up through the Google API. Refer to Google Analytics Reporting API - Authorization.
  6. Click Create to add the datasource.

Congratulations! You have successfully created a Google Sheets datasource in bipp.