Connecting an Oracle Database

Connect to Oracle

Oracle is only supported for bipp Enterprise Edition.

Here is what you need to connect:

  • Read-only user (Username field)
  • Credentials
  • Oracle System ID (SID)

Create an Oracle read-only User

bipp recommends using a read-only user for connecting to your Oracle databases.

For Oracle Versions prior to, replace the object privilege READ with SELECT.

Using a SQLPlus command line:

$ sqlplus / as sysdba
SQL> CREATE USER bipp_db_user IDENTIFIED BY "Secret@123";
User created.
Grant succeeded.
SQL> GRANT READ ON your_database.your_table TO bipp_db_user;
Grant succeeded.
SQL> exit
Assign your own user name and strong password for bipp_db_user and Secret@123.

Create an Oracle Datasource in bipp

  1. Select Datasources from the Home Navigation pane to open the Datasources page.

    Datasource Page

  2. Click New Datasource on the Datasources page.

    New Datasource

  3. Enter a Name. For example, TestOracle.

  4. Select Oracle for SQL Dialect for your database. bipp creates and enforces the rules for the selected dialect.

    Datasource Oracle

  5. Enter the information for your Oracle database instance:

    • Host: name or IP address of the database host.
    • Port: port on the host for the connection.
    • Username: user name for the connection. bipp recommends using a read-only user account.
    • Password: password for the user.
    • ServiceName: Oracle System ID (SID) used to uniquely identify the particular database. The SID is case sensitive in UNIX/Linux environments.
  6. Click Test to verify the datasource connectivity. If you have an error, fix the connection or credentials problem and click Test again.

  7. Click Create to add the datasource.

Congratulations! You have successfully created an Oracle datasource in bipp.