Ding Specification

The Ding language has been created to allow BI developers and analysts to create and customize dashboards and reusable dashboard widgets. Ding helps in creating/editing a model file that can be used to define the layout of the dashboard and the appearance and content of individual widgets on the Dashboard. Ding files are internally generated by the Bipp Dashboard GUI to store the dashboard model defined by users. They can also be created and altered manually to include additional customizations or HTML. The purpose of the Ding specification is to enable dashboard developers to create and edit Ding model files manually.

The Ding dashboard can incorporate predefined Bling sheets and display the data visualization from these sheets. Thus, a Ding model provides a presentation layer for the Bling model and allows for an abstraction between the UI components of the dashboard and the business logic. The two layers can thus be changed independently and by different people.