Embedded analytics is a specialized application of data analytics and business intelligence, integrating analytical content and functionality into broad categories of user interfaces to produce customized data insights for different audiences. bipp’s embedded analytics adds the power of your interactive visualizations to your external applications with minimal or no application customization.

Organizations require both deeper insights and data integration from disparate sources, and greater access to analytics. Selecting the right analytics platform for your embedded dashboards is a key decision

ISVs and developers can quickly embed interactive visualizations, including dashboards and charts, into their application.

Embedded Analytics is only supported for bipp Enterprise Edition.

Embedded Analytics Quick Start:

Embedded Analytics Scenario

  • XYZ Inc. is an ecommerce platform (marketplace) with hundreds of sellers of varied products. Each seller has their own merchant account page.
  • XYZ uses bipp for their business intelligence and analytics.
  • XYZ’s ecommerce platform enables member sellers to look at their monthly sales, revenue, feedback, customer ratings and other business metrics on their merchant account page.
  • XYZ’s BI developers use bipp to build interactive visualizations with dashboards and reports for different business metrics.
  • XYZ’s goal is to make these visualizations available to the sellers on their merchant account home page.

To achieve their goal, XYZ simply adds the embeddable link to the dashboards and reports into their application, using an iFrame or other mechanism. Their developers are not required to do any specific customization.

Here are other common scenarios for Embedded Analytics:

  • Embedding dashboards and reports into application like Atlassian Confluence, Microsoft Sharepoint, and CRM systems such as Salesforce Canvas.
  • Adding interactive visualizations to blog posts and mobile applications.