Creating an Embed Link

Embed links are added to your applications to display interactive bipp dashboards for your users. bipp users with the Tenant, Organization Creator, or Admin roles can register external applications and create the embed links.

Embedded Analytics is only supported for bipp Enterprise Edition.

Register the Application

  1. Log in to your bipp account.

  2. Navigate to Settings > External Apps. Register the Application

  3. Click Add External App. Add External App

  4. Enter the application information:

    • Application Name enter the name for the application.
    • Description enter a description of the application (optional).
    • Dashboards click in the entry box and select one or more dashboards to embed in the application

  5. Click Register to register the application with your bipp BI platform.

  6. bipp generates the credentials for the external application and sends them to the registered email for the tenant:

    • AppID is the external application identifier.
    • Client ID is the identifier generated for the specific deployment.
    • Client Secret is the passphrase for the deployment. It never expires. Additional secrets can be regenerated as needed.
    • API Key is the key you enter to generate an embed link.

Keep your generated API Key in a secure location. The key must be used to generate the embed links for the application.

Here is an example of the registration email: Registration Email

  1. Log in to the bipp tenant where you registered the external application.

  2. Click Dashboards from the home menu.

  3. Open the target dashboard.

  4. Click 3-dots Embed Link. Embed Link

  5. The embed link listing page opens. If there are no embedded links, you will see the ‘create embed link’ dialog directly. Embed Link Dialog

  6. Click ‘Create’ button It will open the ‘Generate Embed Link’ dialog Embed Link Dialog

  7. Enter the information on the Generate Embed Link dialog:

    • External App select the target application from the list.
    • Description enter the description
    • Filters select any filters for the dashboard (optional). Available filters are specific to the dashboard.
    • White-listed Domain(s) add domains that host the external application. Add a , (comma) after a domain entry to add another domain or Enter to finish the entry.

  8. Click Generate Embed Link. The link is shown in the Output field. This is the link you embed in the application. Refer to

  9. Click Copy link and paste it into a text file for later use.

  10. Click Copy Code to copy the entire code snippet

  11. Click Close.