Last update 12/24/2020 with features released in December 2020 as v1.0.3


December 24, 2020

New Features

  • Bar graph: Included the ability to pass any selected dimension in any channel (not just the x and y-axis columns)
  • Clear All button: This is now part of the Schedule Report dialog


  • Bar graph: Added the ability to rotate, change font size and character length for the x-axis label
  • Bar graph: Sort icon added to the Grid chart on the Measure Pane
  • Branch mode: ‘Development or Production’ column has been included on the Dataset Listing page
  • Grid Chart: Added the option to customize the Grand row and Grand column totals
  • Grid Chart: Bar width is now consistent after filtering
  • Treemap Visualization: Configure color range option has been included


  • Group Owner can link a Security (Active Directory) group with a user group
  • Horizontal Bar chart: Data Labels no longer overlap with the scrollbar on the dashboard