Last updated with features released in June 2022 as v2.6.0


June 25, 2022

Pipelines Made Powerful

  • Embracing modern browsers, python action in alpha mode: You can turn on the python action from the experimental section in your organization settings and add and execute python code right in your browser. Use your favorite python libraries including numpy and pandas right in the browser.
  • Pipelines can now consume data models: Leverage all your favorite data model features like structured queries, bipp analytic functions, etc., and combine them with exploratory analytics from different sub-pipelines to get amazing insights.
  • Introducing Minimap which represents relationships between actions that can be helpful for debugging
  • Casting columns to different data types in the base query: Now you can cast any data type to primitive types, bipp will generate a dialect specific correct query.
  • Period over period analysis: Simplified complex period over period analysis in a concise action.
  • Efficient queries: Pipelines now avoid generating sub-queries whenever possible.

Advanced Data Modeling Capabilities Added

  • You can now create Dimension Groups, Duration groups and Time groups to have functional grouping of the dimensions.
  • The parameters now have associated controls in Calendar, Date bucket, Boolean switch, Dropdown, Range, Input. This gives you the ability to choose the widget according to your use case.
  • You can go into Run and Debug mode to test a data model - no need to create reports to test the data model.
  • Drilldown support at column level.

Introducing Teams

  • Spaces have been redesigned and renamed to Teams.
  • Teams help you to organize your Projects, Reports, Pipelines, Dashboards.
  • Team is not mandatory anymore giving you the flexibility to manage your resources on the platform.
  • When you invite a user or group of user(s) to a team with a role, equivalent role will be assigned to all resources shared with that Team.

New Data sources added

  • Based on customer requests, we have now extended our platform connection support to Salesforce, Databricks and Stripe. These are all available starting with Free Plan and above. On popular demand, we now have included Google sheets datasource connection in our Free plan.

Improved Dashboard Experience

  • Text tile: Lets you add text with custom font size, background color, text color, bold or italic, hyperlink and layout options(i.e. center, left or right aligned).
  • Image tile: You can upload image in a tile with multiple layout options.
  • Aliases can now be created for individual tiles as well.
  • You now have more Dashboard themes along with different Layout options.
  • Improved Filter settings panel.
  • Enhanced dashboard editing experience.

More Visualizations for Data Storytelling

  • Added the following visualizations to our data viewer area: Boxplot, Gauge, Heatmap, Bullet, Bubble, Sparkline, Single Value.
  • Table visualization has been further improved.

Smart Parameters Launched

  • Use {{}}, # notations in order to control the expansion of parameters in your SQL query. You can use {{}} notation to do simple text substitutions, whereas you can use # to do dialect specific, data type sensitive substitutions in your SQL queries.
  • Array as a primitive type in parameter values and associative functions: Now you can use bipp functions specific to arrays and combine them with parameters to form powerful dynamic SQL queries, e.g. SELECT * FROM table WHERE bipp_in_any(column, {{parameter1}}).

Easier Navigation

  • Improved and easy access to the resources from the navigation bar.
  • Navigation bar has 5 sections
    • Explore: This section lets you explore Datamodel to create reports, Visual SQL to explore datasource, SQL Editor when you just want to simply debug a SQL query.
    • Created by You: This section has all reports, pipelines, projects, dashboards created by you.
    • Shared with You: This section has all reports, pipelines, projects, dashboards shared with you.
    • Teams: This section lists all teams you are part of and under them all resources shared with team.
    • Datasources: This section lists all teams you are part of and under them all resources shared with team.

User Profile Redesigned

  • This section now contains Schedules, Datasources, Extensions, Alerts.
  • It also contains User admin sections i.e. Groups, User, Roles, Settings.

Revised Pricing Model with Premium Trial option

  • With each Explorer license in Premium plan, you get two viewer licenses for free.
  • Revised pricing is 15$ per month per explorer if billed annually, 20 $ per month per explorer if billed monthly.
  • You can now have a free one month trial of Premium plan where you can try all Premium add-ons for free.
  • Scheduled reports come for free with the Premium plan. For every explorer, you get 4 scheduled sends free per month.


February 1, 2022

New Features

  • Visual Data Modeling: You can now create data models without writing code. With a powerful point-and-click visual interface, you can build reusable data models that act as single sources of truth across your organization.
  • Visual SQL Data Explorer (BETA): bipp’s latest interface now makes SQL visual, letting you query or explore data and create and share charts in minutes, all without any programming. This feature is in BETA and is available to all customers.
  • User Personas: bipp is now geared towards enabling data exploration and development out of the box for its customers. With User Personas, you can control your users' behavior in bipp by assigning them one of four roles: Viewer, Explorer, Developer, Admin, or Owner.
  • Export Data to Google Sheets: In addition to downloading data into XLS and CSV formats, you can now export results into Google Sheets via our API. This allows you to perform further data analysis and collaborate with others within Google Sheets.


  • Dashboard Themes: The all-new Dark Theme has been launched on the platform for dashboards in addition to our original Light Theme.
  • Improved Roles: New resource roles are focused on exploration and development. Now the roles on the projects, reports, dashboards and data sources also reflect the same.
  • Dashboard Referencing: You can now easily create references to other dashboards using Dashboard Editor.
  • Dashboard Alias: You can now define aliases directly from the dashboard UI. An alias lets you specify the relationship between columns of any two tables without joining those tables during data modeling.
  • User Experience: UI improvements in the Data Viewer and Space home page make bipp even more intuitive.


September 26, 2021

New Features

  • SQL Editor: One click access to the new SQL Editor enables you to easily write and run SQL Queries on any database available in your bipp platform from wherever you happen to be in bipp.
  • SQL Report: Ready, set, report! Open the new SQL Report feature, write your query, save it as a chart and add it to a Dashboard.
  • Data Model Validation: Identify and fix your errors in the editor before committing them in your data model. You validate your data model with the click of a button. Errors are displayed in the new Error pane, showing the File name, Line number and a description of the Error. Once your data model is validated, you are good to commit your changes.


  • Spaces: Spaces are now the organizer for all of your resources: Dashboards, Reports, SQL reports, Explore Data, and Projects, making it easier for you to group and locate the resources you need. Every user has their own My Space and Shared with me space. Users can create new spaces as needed. Spaces and resources can be shared with users and/or groups for custom access control.
  • Dashboard Editing: Multiple user interface enhancements make Dashboard editing even easier. Edit tiles, text and settings within the Dashboard editor.
  • Data Viewer:
    • Streamlined the tabs: Data and Settings tabs are now in a single Settings tab. The selected values are used to Fetch the data.
    • Added new Visualization popup settings (Gear icon) to control the visual settings without requiring the data to be fetched each time a setting is changed.
    • Columns are divided into different sections (accordions). You can drag them between sections.
    • Consistent tooltips across all visualizations.
    • Pivot and Order by sections are only available for Table visualizations.
    • Bar visualizations with multiple dimensions are stacked instead of overlapped.
    • Added presets to Label settings.
  • Pricing: Billing Frequency has been added to the Premium Subscription by Customer request, providing a new Monthly subscription billing option.


July 22, 2021

New Features

  • Getting Started with bipp: Creating your forever free bipp account is streamlined to get you up and running quickly. Building your profile, connecting your database, creating a project, and selecting data tables are all part of the new onboarding process. When complete, you have your data at your fingertips, ready to visualize!
  • Embedded Analytics: Integrate your analytical content and functionality to provide customized data insights for different audiences. bipp Enterprise customers can embed interactive visualizations in their applications using the new bipp SDK. Adding filtering and security gives them full control over who can see their data.
  • Data Level Security (BETA): You asked, we listened. RLS/CLS Data Security is available for your bipp projects. Data level security restricts access to rows and columns based on the user identity. This ensures users only see what they are authorized to view. This beta feature is available to bipp Enterprise customers.


  • Dashboard Editing: Add visualizations with a single click, drag and drop containers and tiles, and resize tiles to best present the data in your dashboard.
  • Dashboard Filtering: Parameters defined in your project can be used as filters in your dashboard, giving you even more options when visualizing your data.
  • Data Viewer: New color palettes ensure your dashboards look professional and enhance readability and data presentation.
  • User Experience: Interface enhancements throughout the bipp platform make it even easier to get your job done.


March 20, 2021

New Features

  • Addons: Customize your bipp pricing to meet your needs. Pay for only the extra features you add on to the base bipp product.
  • Google Sheets Integration: Use your Google Sheets as a Datasource to analyze your Sheets data.


  • Alerts and Scheduled Reports: Improvements to the Alerts and Scheduled Reports ensure they are executed accurately and on time.
  • Spaces View: Enhancements to the Spaces Navigation pane make it easier to see your resources with the new collapse/expand capability.
  • Loaders: Enhancements to the Loaders include interaction with other Loaders for a richer experience, and better positioning on the page.
  • Notifications: Enhancements include a clean visual presentation, and improved abilities to collapse, expand, and merge Notifications based on content.


December 24, 2020

New Features

  • Bar graph: Included the ability to pass any selected dimension in any channel (not just the x and y-axis columns)
  • Clear All button: This is now part of the Schedule Report dialog


  • Bar graph: Added the ability to rotate, change font size and character length for the x-axis label
  • Bar graph: Sort icon added to the Grid chart on the Measure Pane
  • Branch mode: ‘Development or Production’ column has been included on the Dataset Listing page
  • Grid Chart: Added the option to customize the Grand row and Grand column totals
  • Grid Chart: Bar width is now consistent after filtering
  • Treemap Visualization: Configure color range option has been included


  • Group Owner can link a Security (Active Directory) group with a user group
  • Horizontal Bar chart: Data Labels no longer overlap with the scrollbar on the dashboard