Managing Users, Groups and Roles

Users, Groups and Roles are the building blocks for your security and access control. Creating groups and assigning roles and permissions, streamlines your user management tasks.

Managing Security Groups

Security Groups (SG) provide an efficient way to assign access to resources on your network. Security Groups require Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and Microsoft Active Directory (AD) groups. bipp’s Security Group enables integration of the Active Directory Security Group for the bipp platform.

External applications are registered in bipp to support embedded analytics. For example, embedding a bipp dashboard in your external application.

Embed Links

Embedded analytics integrate analytical content and functionality into broad categories of user interfaces to provide customized insights on data for different audiences.

Setting Up LDAP Authentication

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) is supported for user authentication. LDAP is set up once for your organization. When enabled, LDAP authentication is added to the bipp login page to authenticate your users.

Setting Up Caching

Cache improves the performance of your Sheets and Dashboards plus reduces the load on your datasource. bipp caches your primary datasource data within the application, and uses the cached results to optimize the performance of your dashboards and sheets. Cache is enabled at the organization level.

Setting Up SSO Authentication

Single Sign On (SSO) makes logging in to bipp quick and easy for your users. SSO manages your user authentication from a centralized location.


Your profile contains your bipp specific information. You can edit your settings and change your password.

Managing your Subscription and Billing

Subscription and billing information is always available for viewing or modifying. Changing your plan, adding new features, updating your contact information, and downloading invoices are all managed online.