Managing Subscription and Billing

Here are the bipp subscription and billing features:

Managing your Subscription

Your bipp subscription ties your users to your bipp tenant.

  1. Open Settings from the home menu.
  2. Click Subscription to open the subscription pane. Your current subscription is displayed.

Managing you Subscription

  1. Click Update plan.
  2. Select a plan. Visit the bipp Pricing page for details, or click View Plan Features.
  • Free: get started with your forever free account. You can have a maximum of 3 users. Resources are limited. No further action is required.
  • Premium: expand your account to include your small team, supporting up to 50 users. Premium features include Alerts, Query caching, and Scheduled reports. Click Select this Plan. Continue with Updating to a Premium Plan.
  • Enterprise: meet all of your BI and analytics goals with our flagship plan. Enterprise features include enhanced authentication and group integration, Embedded Analytics, Audit Reports, Metrics, and security options.Click Schedule a call and fill out the requested information. A bipp account representative will contact you.

Updating to a Premium Plan

Add your information to upgrade to a Premium plan.

  1. Select the Number of Users (available in multiples of 5).
  2. Select the Addons for your Premium plan.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Select your Payment Method and enter the required information. Do not use any spaces or special characters when entering your credit card or account information.
  5. Add your Billing Address and contact information.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Review your options. Click Pay. A confirmation email is sent.
  8. Click Close.


These features can be added to your Premium plan.

Audit Reports

Detailed audit trail reporting for your dashboards and queries.


Dashboards and sheets load faster with an application-level caching enabled. Data is cached locally in the application to reduce the load on the datasource.

Custom Extensions

Design your own custom visualizations using bipp’s custom extensions when you create insights for your data.

Dashboard Addon

Add five additional dashboards to your subscription.

Datasource Addon

Add five additional datasources to your subscription.

Embedded Analytics

Integrate your analytical content and functionality to provide customized insights on data for different audiences. The dashboards are embedded in external applications.

External Apps

Register your external applications and embed your dashboards and visualizations.

Hourly Alerts

Schedule your alerts more frequently than the standard daily/weekly/monthly or custom-interval alerts for changes in your datasheets or dashboards.

Independent Hosting

Host bipp servers and your databases for exclusive access.

Fine Permissions and Custom Roles

Define custom roles and permissions for access, operational control, and ease of user management.

Reverse SSH Tunneling

Access your on-premise database from the cloud. Your data sources behind a firewall can be connected through SSH Tunnels, adding an extra layer of security without exposing the database host to the internet.


Add industry standard Single Sign On authentication for your bipp accounts.

Scheduled Reports

Personalized dashboard reports delivered to you on your schedule.

Security Filters (RLS/CLS)

Restrict access to rows and columns of data based on the user identity. Row-Level Security restricts data access at the row level, whereas Column-Level Security denies access to certain columns - to specific users/ groups of users. With this feature, two users viewing the same dashboard see only the data they are allowed to see.

Sheet Addon

Add five additional sheets to your subscription.

Usage Reporting

Monitor your query and dashboard use.

Workspace Addon

Add five bipp-hosted Git workspaces to your subscription.

Managing your Billing Information

You can modify your billing information as needed

  1. Open Settings from the home menu.
  2. Click Billing Info to open the billing pane. Your current billing information is displayed.
  3. You can modify your Payment Method and account information. Do not use any spaces or special characters when entering your credit card or account information.
  4. Edit your Billing Address and contact information as needed.
  5. Click Save when your changes are complete.

Viewing your Billing History

All of your billing history is available to view or download.

  1. Open Settings from the home menu.
  2. Click Billing History to open the history pane.
  3. To download a pdf of an invoice, click the Options menu to open the invoice Options menu. Select Download invoice.