Managing Organizations

bipp users automatically own one organization (tenant), where all your work resides. You can invite other users to try out bipp by adding them to your organization with specific roles/permissions. You can also share specific objects in the domain.

When you are invited to join bipp via email, you are required to register as a user. You can then access your own organization and the shared one. You choose an organization when you login to bipp.


The objects you can access in the shared organization depend on the assigned permissions. You can create your own datasources, projects, sheets, dashboards and share these with other users from your own organization or another organization based on available permissions.

To access a shared object from another user, you must use the organization where the object was created. Likewise, objects- you create in your own or a shared organization are not visible to other users unless explicitly shared.

Switching Organizations

You can easily switch between your organzation and organizations shared with you.

  1. Click your profile picture.
  2. Select Settings from the menu.
  3. Click Organizations.
  4. Click the Options options beside the organization you want to access.
  5. Click Select.
Application URLs are specific to an organization. The URL changes when you switch to another domain/subdomain combination.

Organization Settings

You can customize the bipp application for your users across your organization if you have Creator permissions for the organization. If you do not see the Organization Settings option, contact your organization administrator.

  1. Click your profile picture.
  2. Select Settings from the menu.
  3. Click Organization Settings.


There are categories of settings:

  • Branding includes your Brand name, logo, Favicon and login options.
  • Security Policy add a security/privacy policy for users to view when they sign up.
  • Data Viewer Settings Visualizations like Google Map, Echarts Map, Metrics (2 and 3) and custom visualizations are only available when enabled for the organization.
  • Session Settings enable options for user sessions, including Google sign in, onboards, audit logging, and sending scheduled reports to external users.
  • Experimental You may see experimental options available for beta testing.


Objects you have created and objects that are shared with you appear in the bipp Main menu pane. You can also create spaces for individuals or teams to further organize, manage and share resources.

Click the Add icon + beside Teams in the Main bipp menu to add a space.


Once you create a team, click the file viewer icon to open the pane:


The pane shows an overview of the objects created within the space:

Team Space

Managing Team Spaces

Click the Options options beside the team to manage, and select Edit.

Overview Tab

Edit the overview information or delete the team:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Thumbnail
  • Update to make the changes
  • Delete to delete the team

You can change the Name, Description, and thumbnail for the team. Click Update to save the changes or Delete to delete the team.

Users Tab

  • Search for a user or group.
  • Invite Users search for bipp users or groups. Displays the existing shared list and permissions. Use the dropdown to change a users permissions. Click X to delete the user.
  • Groups displays the groups with access to the team.
  • Users displays the users with access to the team.
  • Filter by role select an option from the drop down to filter the list. Only available if there is at least one member.

Resources Tab

You can use this tab to add existing resources to the team space.

  • Add Resources Add existing Reports, Dashboards, Datasources and Projects from any space available to you.
  • Resource Type Filter the list based on the resource type.
  • Select a resource and click delete to remove it from the team list.