bipp takes your data from a starting database to a finished dashboard. You easily manage your database connections, create and manipulate complex data models, visualize and analyze your data, and create interactive custom dashboards to present your visualizations.

There are several resources to help you learn bipp and expand your SQL knowledge:

bipp Tutorial

Hands-on is the best approach to see how bipp can transform a database into usable information customized for your users. This set of tutorials starts from creating your free bipp account and finishes with a custom dashboard incorporating enhanced features.

Why bipp?

Explore how bipp streamlines common tasks to save you time. Instead of starting each task from scratch, you use the intuitive bipp interface to logically create your dataset, visualizations, and dashboards. bipp generates the SQL for you.

SQL Tutorial

Brush up on your SQL skills, or learn new ones. There are tutorials and examples for Basic, Intermediate and Advanced SQL concepts.