Wins by Surface Type

This visualization explores how the groups of ranked of players fared on different surfaces (Player Stats). RankRange is the custom column defined when you edited the Atp Rankings Current table in the Dataset.

  1. Click Add Sheet Add Sheet icon
  2. Add these columns:
    Atp Rankings Current table > RankRange dimension
    Player Stats table > Clay measure
    Player Stats table > Grass measure
    Player Stats table > Hard measure
  3. Click Fetch
    Fetch data
    The wins are summarized within the range for each surface.
  4. Open the Bar tab.
  5. Open the Settings tab. Change:
    a. Click Stack All
    b. Change the color for Sum Grass to green.
    Color for Sum Grass
    Here is the resulting visualization:
    Resulting visualization
  6. Click Save As.
  7. Enter a descriptive name for the sheet. For example, Wins by Surface Grouped by Rank Range.
  8. Click Save.