Add a Filter

Filters can add user functionality to your dashboard. In this example, add a filter to select PlayerName and update the charts for the Player using the GUI dashboard editor.

  1. Open Open Dashboards Dashboards and select TennisStats.
  2. Click Edit icon Edit. Be sure you are on the dashboard menu, not a tile-specific menu.
  3. Click Filter icon to open the Filter pane.
  4. Turn off Show only filters set in the tiles to see all your options.
  5. Expand atp_players and select PlayerName. The filter is added as a right pane.
  6. Hover on PlayerName and click Drag icon to drag the filter pane to the top left of the dashboard.
    Filter pane to the top left of the dashboard
  7. Click Preview to view the changes. Click Exit Preview to return to the editor.
  8. Save and Commit your changes.
  9. Click Go to Dashboard.
  10. Select one or more players using the new filter.
  11. Click Apply to see the results.
  12. To clear the filter, either delete it in the Filters pane on the right, or deselect the players it in the PlayerName filter. Click Apply.