Create a Dashboard

  1. Open Open Dashboards Dashboards.
  2. Click New dashboard.
    New Dashboard
  3. Name the dashboard TennisStats.
  4. Click Create. The bipp dashboard editor opens, displaying your sheets in the left pane.
    Sheet display in Dashboard editor
    You can use the Project and/or Dataset drop downs to filter the Sheets when you have more than one.
  5. Add these sheets to the dashboard:
    • Right vs Left-Handed Players
    • Wins by Surface Grouped by Rank Range
    • Rank vs Height and Age
    • Top-Ranked Players by Country Sheet added in Dashboard
  6. You can adjust the arrangement, size and rename the tiles:
    Drag feature Icon Hover in the upper left corner of a tile to activate the drag feature.
    Delete a tile Icon Hover in the upper right corner, click to delete a tile.
    Change the title Icon Hover in the upper right corner, click to change the title.
    Resize a tile Icon Drag the lower right corner to resize a tile.
  7. Use the Change the title Icon and give each tile a meaningful name. This is a best practice to enable you to easily edit your Dashboard Model file later.
  8. Click Save, enter the Commit message, and click OK.

Dashboard and Tile Features

Once a dashboard is saved, there are several features available from the feature option icon menu in the upper right of the dashboard.
features available

  • Share accesses the permission list to share the dashboard by Groups and Users.
  • Edit opens the dashboard editor. You can also edit the Dashboard Model file with the bippDash editor.
  • Threads opens a list of existing threads you can share with a user. Click + Create Thread to create new threads.
  • Share via email opens a dashboard sharing page, which let’s to share the dashboard with the Users via email.
  • Schedule Delivery opens a list of existing reports. Click Create Schedule to schedule a report.
  • Embed Links opens a list of existing embed dashboard links. Click Create to link a dashboard to the External application.
  • Print opens the system printer menu.

There is also a feature menu for each tile:
features available for menu

  • Go to report opens the sheet in the editor.
  • Alerts displays any alerts set for the tile. Click New alert to add an alert for the sheet.
  • Download Data extracts the data to either an xlsx or csv file.
    Download Data