Edit the Dashboard Model with bippDash

Dashboards are stored in the project as text files. It is easy to edit the Dashboard model with the bippDash editor. In this example, open the Dashboard Model for TennisStats and adjust the size and position of the tiles:

  1. Open Open Dashboards Dashboards and select TennisStats.
  2. Append /model to the URL in your browser. For example:
    https://learn-bipp.app.bipp.io/#!/dashboards/D~4J18dnUy1/model Dashboard model
  3. The tiles are listed in the order they appear. If you set a Title for each tile in the Create a Dashboard example, it is much easier to locate your sheets in the model file. Note: Be sure to preserve the indentation in the file as you move the content. Sort the tiles into this order:
    • Filter
    • Rank vs Height and Age
    • Wins by Surface Grouped by Rank Range
    • Right vs Left-Handed Players
    • Top-Ranked Players by Country
      Model file
  4. Change the panel_visibility from show to hide so the sheet name is not displayed:
  5. Set the basis to 100.00 for the Filter, the Rank vs Height and Age line chart, and the Top-Ranked Players by Country world map so they stretch the entire width of the dashboard. Here is the basis for the Filter: Setting Basis
  6. Add a Height 300px to the Top-Ranked Players by Country world map:
    Add a Height
  7. Click Save
  8. Click Commit, enter the commit message and click Commit Changes.
  9. Click Go to Dashboard.
    Updated dashboard
    You can zoom and pan the map with the built-in controls.