Create the Dataset

The first step is to create a Dataset containing the tables needed for the model. For the Tennis example, you open the ATPTennisData Project and select the tables.

  1. Start from the ATPTennisData Project. Select: Develop > Data Models > ATPTennisData
  2. Click on Add a tableCreate table from datasource to Add a table from Datasource.


Another way to add a table to datasource is by clicking on + Add and then, Add a tableImport table from datasource.


  1. Select TennisData for the Datasource Select Datasource

  2. Expand the Players schema, and select the tables as shown: Select table

Then, click on Import.

Notice the changes to your project file:

  • New Tables added to the Files menu and as tabs on the ribbon.
  • Table and columns details are visible in Visual mode.