Create the Datasource

The Datasource is the database from which bipp fetches the data.

  1. Select Datasources Datasources.
  2. Click New Datasource
  3. Enter a Name. For example, TennisData.
  4. Select the Dialect for the SQL used for your database. bipp creates and enforces the rules for the selected dialect. For this example, select MySQL.
  5. Enter the connection details and the credentials. The details are different for each dialect. For this example, enter the information as shown. The password is Bippdoc$
    Name TennisData
    Dialect MySQL
    Port 63306
    Username bippdoc
    Password Bippdoc$
    Database Players
    Connection Direct Connection
    UseTLS no
  6. Click Create to add TennisData to your Datasources.
    Datasource creation
  7. Click Ping option to the right of TennisData and select Ping to test the database connection.

Pings If Ping succeeds, your Datasource is ready to go. If you have an error, select Ping option Edit and fix the connection or credentials problem.