Connecting a BigQuery Database



Connect to Google BigQuery

Here is what you need to connect:

  • Name of the Google Cloud Platform (Project field)
  • Google BigQuery Service Account credential file in a JSON file (Credentials field)
  • Database connection information
  • Credentials

Create a Service Account

bipp requires a service account to connect to Google BigQuery. Here are the instructions to create the account if you do not already have one.

  1. Sign-in to Google Cloud Platform and choose your project.

  2. Select IAM & admin > Service accounts.

    BigQuery ServiceAccount

  3. Click Create Service Account.

    BigQuery ServiceAccount

  4. Enter the Service account details and click Create.

    BigQuery ServiceAccount

  5. Select the Grant this service account access to project roles. bipp requires at least the BigQuery User and BigQuery Data Viewer roles. Click Continue.

    BigQuery ServiceAccount

  6. No action is needed for Grant users access to this service account. Click Done.

    BigQuery ServiceAccount

  7. After the service account is created, click Actions > Manage Keys.

    BigQuery ServiceAccount

  8. Click Add Key > Create new key. This key is used to authenticate the service account with Google BigQuery.

    BigQuery ServiceAccount

  9. Select JSON as the key type and click Create.

    BigQuery ServiceAccount

  10. The private key is downloaded to your local computer. The key is required when you create a BigQuery Datasource in bipp.

BigQuery ServiceAccount

Create a BigQuery Datasource in bipp

  1. Select Datasources from the Home Navigation pane to open the Datasources page.

    Datasource Page

  2. Click New Datasource on the Datasources page.

    New Datasource

  3. Enter a Name. For example, TestBigQuery.

  4. Select BigQuery for SQL Dialect for your database. bipp creates and enforces the rules for the selected dialect.

    Datasource BigQuery

  5. Enter the information for your BigQuery database instance:

    • Project: Add Project ID mapped to your GCP project. This can be accessed by clicking on the Project name in the top navigation bar of GCP console. Project ID
    • Credentials: Click Choose file and navigate to the location of your Service Account credentials JSON key file.
  6. Click Test to verify the datasource connectivity. If you have an error, fix the connection or credentials problem and click Test again.

  7. Click Create to add the datasource.

Congratulations! You have successfully created a BigQuery datasource in bipp.