Connecting a Google Sheets



Connect to Google Sheets

bipp brings the power of queries and visualizations to your Google Sheets files. Here are the requirements for the Google Sheets file:

Google Sheet is only supported in Premium and Enterprise Editions

Here’s what you need to connect:

  • GoogleSheetID

bipp supports:

  • Maximum 256MB file size
  • Maximum 1 million rows
  • Maximum 1000 columns

Create a Google Sheets Datasource in bipp

  1. Select Datasources from the Home Navigation pane to open the Datasources page.

    Datasource Page

  2. Click New Datasource on the Datasources page.

    New Datasource

  3. Enter a Name. For example, TestGoogleSheets.

  4. Select GoogleSheets for SQL Dialect for your database. bipp creates and enforces the rules for the selected dialect.

    Datasource ClickHouse

  5. Enter the information for your Google Sheets file:

    • Header: This is optional. By default first row is considered as the header
    • Oauth: Click Authorize using Google to open the Google OAuth screen where you have to add/select the Google Sheet account. If you Allow drive access, GoogleSheetID is auto-added based on the sheet selection.
    • GoogleSheetID: the ID follows gid= in the sheet URL.
  6. Click Create to add the datasource.

Congratulations! You have successfully created a Google Sheets datasource in bipp.