Getting Started with bipp



Create your Forever Free bipp Account

  1. Navigate to in your browser.
  2. Click Sign up for free
  3. To create your account, use one of the presented options:
    • Click Sign up with Google and follow the Google login process. You are automatically logged into your new bipp account.
    • Enter your name, email, and password to establish your account. Check your email for your Welcome to bipp! message. Click on Confirm your account. You are automatically logged into your new bipp account.
  4. Bookmark your new bipp account. bipp generates a random subdomain to use in the url for your account. The general form for your bipp url is:
bipp premium accounts can change the random subdomain to a custom subdomain. That option is not available for free accounts.

Log in to your bipp Account

There are two ways to log in to your account:

Once you log in, you can customize your account:

  1. Select settings icon Settings.
  2. Select Customize Tenant.
  3. Optional: Add your Brand Name, Logo, Favicon and a Security Banner to display on login.
  4. Enable at least the following options:
    Enable Options
  5. Click Save Settings.

Explore your bipp Home

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