Managing Tenants and Spaces




As a bipp user you will be the owner of one default tenant. All your work resides in this tenant. You can invite other users to try out bipp by adding them to your tenant with specific roles/permissions. You can also share specific objects in the domain. If you have registered to bipp without an invitation, you will have access to only one tenant.

When you are invited to join bipp via email, you will be required to register on the site. In this case, you will have access to two tenants, one that is your own default tenant and the other from where you were invited. You will be asked to choose one tenant to work in when you login to bipp.


Choosing the shared tenant allows you to access the objects shared with you in that tenant. Access will depend on the permissions assigned (Admin, Read/Write or Read). You can create your own datasources, projects, reports, dashboards and share these with other users from your own tenant or another tenant based on available permissions.

Switching between tenants

Your own bipp tenant is the one where you have Creator permissions. This is created by default when you register on bipp. Additionally you may be able to access tenants that have been shared with you, with Admin, Read/Write or Read permissions. At any point of time, you will be able to access only one of these tenants. You can switch between tenants on the “Tenants” tab which is in the “Settings” screen. The “Settings” screen may be accessed by clicking on the “Settings” option in the main menu.


To switch to a specific tenant, open the menu options for the tenant and click on “Select”. Note that the application URL will change when you switch to another domain/subdomain combination.

Note: To access any object that has been shared with you by another user, you need to use the tenant where the object was created. Any object created by you in your own or another tenant will not be visible to other users unless you explicitly share it.

Tenant Settings

Tenants can opt to customize the bipp application as per their convenience. bipp allows certain customizations applicable to all users for a particular tenant. These can be edited by a user who has Creator permissions for the tenant on the “Settings” screen - “Customize Tenant” tab.


Following settings are available for customization

  1. The brand name, logo and Favicon image may be updated.
  2. Certain visualizations like Google Map, Echarts Map, Metrics (2 and 3) and custom visualizations are only available when enabled at the tenant level.
  3. Google Sign-in may be enabled/disabled for tenant users.
  4. Invitation emails to new users may be enabled/disabled.
  5. All new users would be added to the tenant with Read-Write permissions by default if the corresponding setting is enabled.
  6. Tenant owners are also allowed to set the number of undo-redo actions allowed on the Reports screen.


Under each tenant you can use Spaces to organize your resources. Spaces allow you to group related resources in one workspace. There are two types of spaces, system defined spaces and user defined spaces.

System Defined Spaces

System defined spaces are created by default for every new tenant user. Following are the spaces created. Users are not allowed to add any roles in this space. They are not allowed to delete these spaces as well.

  1. My Space: Any resource created by the user goes into this space. The user gets an owner permission on the resource that he/she creates, i.e. he/she is allowed to do any operation on the resource.

  2. Shared with me: Any resource shared with the user explicitly (i.e., not through a space) goes into this space.


User Defined Spaces

A user with a permission to create a space in the tenant can create a space. A new space may be created on the Spaces screen which can be accessed from the bipp menu. The following screen will be shown on clicking the New Space button.